Oxford Lindy Hoppers join the STEPS Network

Oxford Lindy Hoppers have subscribed to the UK STEPS network as part of our continuing commitment to create a safe, comfortable and welcoming dance community.

The STEPS code emerged from the collaboration of a number of swing dance organisations in the UK. The code describes the commitments that Oxford Lindy Hoppers and other participating organisations make to safer spaces in Swing Dance.

Oxford Lindy Hoppers have updated their safer spaces policy to include the STEPS code. However, this code or another, similar code of conduct on a website isn’t an action on it’s own. Commitment to safer spaces is an ongoing journey and not a passive statement. Adopting this code is one step in OLH’s ongoing commitment to build safety and inclusivity into our organisation and events. We will reflect our values in positive actions.

If you are affected by any safer spaces issues or would like to discuss any of the issues you can contact any member of the committee in confidence. Our safety officers are Kat Warren, Aditya Sadhoo and Nica Wong. You can also contact saferspaces@oxfordlindyhoppers.co.uk